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ses had been reported, vice governor of Hebei Xu Jianpei said Tuesday.The provincial capital Shijiazhuang, where more than 300 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been found since the beginning of this year, launched the second round of citywide nucleic acid testing on Tuesday, said Meng Xianghong, vice mayor of the city.The testing is expected to take only two days, Ma Yujun, acting0

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for sampling, information input and maintaining order at every sampling site to ensure that work is carried out in an orderly and efficient manner.On Jan. 8, a nucleic acid test laboratory named Huoyan, or Fire Eye, was built in only 10 hours and put into use in 21 hours in Shijiazhuang. It can test up to 1 million samples a day, significantly improving the citys testing capability.In the process of combating the epidemic, early and accurate detection is particularly important, said Du Yutao, board member of BGI Group, a Shenzhen-based biotech company which has established Huoyan labs in 16 cities across China and in 17 countries and regions across the world.Du, together with an experienced working group sent by BGI Group, arrived in her hometown Shijiazhuang on Jan. 6.I dont know how to describe my feelings when I saw my home1

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sting capacity. I believe the city will surely succeed in fighting the epidemic.Elsewhere in China, the northeastern cities of Dalian and Shenyang in Liaoning Province have also conducted several rounds of citywide nucleic acid tests following a resurgence of COVID-19 cases since December last year.Through large-scale testing, infections can be detected at the earliest, said Zhao Lian, deputy director of the Dalian municipal health commission.Were carrying out scientific and accurate disinfection of the public environment in the city, including disinfection of areas which have seen resurgence of the virus and preventive disinfection of other areas, said Liang Chunbo, director of the Dalian City Administration Bureau, adding that sanitation facilities such as garbage stations shall be sterilized at least three times a day.After scientific research and accurate prevention and control, the epidemic situation in Dalian is currently under control, said Zhao. As of Monday, no new confirmed cases were reported in the city for s1